Duniya Bank

Shareholders Meetings

shareholder meetingsWe encourage registered shareholders to attend the AGM in the India or the informal meeting of shareholders held in USA.

The Group Chairman and Directors will be available at the AGM to answer shareholders’ questions relevant to the agenda of the meeting. The external auditor also attends the AGM. The Notice of the AGM contains the detailed information about the special agenda and business to be considered at the AGM.

The AGM and IMS are opportunities for shareholders to exchange views with the Board of Directors. It also is an occasion to reflect the bank’s activities and future potentials.

We also encourage shareholders who are unable to attend and vote at general meetings to appoint proxies to attend, speak, and even vote on their behalf. Shareholders are able to submit voting instructions electronically. The AGM is webcast live and is available to view on the website for one month after the AGM.