Duniya Bank

Shareholder Communication

shareholder communicationWe believe that an informed, constructive dialogue between the Board and shareholders is important to improving corporate governance.

We will focus on open communication and fair disclosure, with emphasis on the integrity, timeliness, and relevance of the information provided. We will fully disclose information in accordance with the continuing obligations of the stock exchanges on which we are listed. We will ensure information is communicated accurately to avoid the creation or continuation of a false market.

We aim to communicate with shareholders in a way that meets their needs. New shareholders are consulted on their preference to receive documents or information from us either by means of a website or in hardcopy form.

Regular and timely notifications

We will send notifications of the availability of documents or information to those shareholders who have elected to receive documents or information from us by means of a website. Shareholders may at any time elect to receive documents or information from us in printed form. Printed copies will be provided without charge.

Communication with shareholders is given high priority. Extensive information about our activities is provided to shareholders in annual reports and accounts and interim reports, which are available on our website (www.duniyabank.us).

The presentations of DUNIYA BANK’s interim and annual results and interim management statements are webcast and are available on our website.

Feel free to ask your queries

Our senior independent non-executive Director is available to shareholders should they have concerns that contact through the normal channels of Group Chairman, Group Chief Executive, Group Finance Director, Group Company Secretary or other executives cannot resolve or for which such contact would be inappropriate.